A quick intro to BestTime. BestTime.app is a data analytics company that provides instant foot-traffic data for venues in 150+ countries.

  • Forecast at what time of the week most visitors come to a venue (e.g. a store, bar, attraction, gym, or restaurant).
  • Live updates if a venue is more or less busy than normal (real-time).
  • Search venues foot-traffic based on category (e.g. supermarkets in London) or name (e.g. McDonalds in San Fransisco).
  • Filter venues in a whole area based on visitor peaks, day, time, and business type.
  • Integrate all data directly into your applications/ research using the developer REST-API.

You could compare it with a supercharged FourSquare data and Google Popular Times data with more footfall data functionality.

The forecast tool. Visitor predictions for every day of the week, and a week overview
The Radar tool. Filter venues on predicted foot traffic in desired areas, on day, time, and business type (you can also filter on live data)
The Compare tool. Create dashboards and compare foot traffic for today next to each other

All tools use the BestTime API internally, therefore all forecast, live, and radar data can also be accessed through the developers API.

Fore more information: BestTime.app