Enhance location-based game and app features with foot traffic data

Enhance location-based app features with foot traffic data

Enhance location-based game and app features with foot traffic data

Use the foot traffic data from BestTime.app to create location-based games and apps that automatically adjust based on venue traffic. Some examples:

  • Offer digital store vouchers on days when shops are expected to be less busy. Add Augmented Reality (AR) to e.g. create a mix of Pok√©mon Go and Groupon. It allows businesses to target events and high foot traffic areas with the publication and advertisement of digital vouchers.
  • Automate the creation of happy hour discounts for bars that are showing lower than average visitor foot traffic - using the live foot traffic data.
  • Adjust social media advertisement timings based on how busy a venue is.
  • You can filter out bars in a city that are busy on a Tuesday night, for example. The most exciting places can always be found this way.
  • To avoid long lines at museums and other tourist attractions, show tourists how busy they are.
Foot traffic forecast data shows at which day and time venues will be busy. This picture shows the BestTime.app Radar tool. However, the data can also be integrated in your own apps and games through the BestTime software API.

Advanced foot traffic filters

The BestTime tools make it also possible to filter and sort venues in all kinds of ways. It is for example possible to show only venues (like bars) that are busy on Thursday between 6 PM and 10 PM. Or show the museums that are quiet on Sunday morning.

Please contact us if you have questions regarding your use-case. Also check-out the demo or visit our website.